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Tunisia: 18 illegal immigration attempts foiled

Tunisian law enforcement announced this Thursday that they had foiled 18 attempts at illegal immigration in the governorate of Sfax. During these operations, 49 smugglers involved in organizing clandestine crossings to Europe were arrested, according to a press release from the General Administration of the Tunisian National Guard.

As part of its efforts to reduce the phenomenon of irregular migration, the Tunisian National Guard has carried out intensive operations in Sfax, a hotspot for illegal departures to Europe. “ Thanks to security work aimed at reducing the phenomenon of irregular migration in Sfax (south), 18 attempts to illegally cross maritime borders were foiled, and a significant number of migrants who attempted the crossing were rescued.the press release said, without specifying the exact number or nationalities of the rescued migrants.

Authorities also reported the arrest of 49 individuals, including organizers and mediators of the crossing operations, without disclosing their identities.

Tunisian Interior Minister Kamel Feki revealed that since the start of 2024, 3,369 illegal immigration attempts have been foiled, 341 bodies have been recovered at sea, and 4,336 immigrants have been rescued. He also indicated that 52,972 people attempted to illegally cross the maritime border into Europe from the Tunisian coast, of which 48,765 were foreign nationals.

Faced with this migration crisis, the European Commission announced in September 2023 aid of 127 million euros to Tunisia. This aid, included in the memorandum of understanding signed between the European Union and Tunisia, aims in part to finance efforts to reduce the flow of irregular migrants.

A growing phenomenon

Irregular migration to Europe, particularly to the Italian coast, has increased significantly in Tunisia. This increase is attributed to the economic and political crises that Tunisia is going through, as well as the precarious situation in several sub-Saharan African countries. The Tunisian and European authorities continue to seek solutions to manage this humanitarian and security crisis, while respecting the rights of migrants.