Pascaline Bongo

Trial of Pascaline Bongo in Paris: three years in prison required against the former Gabonese minister

The trial of Pascaline Bongo, a former Gabonese minister, concluded last week. She faced accusations of passive bribery of foreign agents, claiming to have received 8 million euros in exchange for favors granted to the French company Egis when obtaining public contracts.

After a four-day trial, the prosecution delivered its verdict, calling the case “fictitious contract”of “concealment” and D’ “attack on economic public order” for having concluded a “corruption pact” with Egis Route. Indeed, the prosecutor requested a three-year prison sentence, including one year and a fine of 150,000 euros against Pascaline Bongo.

The defense reacted vigorously, denouncing a case lacking in evidence, highlighting the shortcomings of the investigation. The lawyers highlighted the absence of material evidence of corruption. Furthermore, the prosecutor requested suspended sentences of two to three years for the other defendants, while the defense lawyers argued in favor of acquittal. Note that the final judgment is scheduled for April 22.