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DR Congo: a new electoral calendar revealed

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Electoral Commission recently announced a new electoral calendar. This calendar provides for several crucial ballots following the general elections the week of December 20, 2023.

Two indirect elections, namely the senatorial and gubernatorial elections, are scheduled for early spring 2024. Indeed, the second half of the year will be marked by elections in the provinces excluded for security reasons during the general elections of December. This offers residents of these regions the opportunity to choose their representatives at the national and local level, affecting approximately one million Congolese according to the CENI.

The ballots for these seats, which had been frozen since, are now scheduled for October 5, 2024. The registration of voters will take place in July, followed by the submission of candidacies, the management of disputes, and finally a planned electoral campaign from September 4 to October 3. Before that, other legislative, national and provincial elections will be held in constituencies where the results of the December elections were annulled due to irregularities. Furthermore, voters from Masimanimba in Kwilu and Yakoma in North Ubangi will return to the polls on April 28.