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Togo: Alain Foka embarks on a new adventure in Lomé after RFI

While he has only just announced his definitive departure from Radio France Internationale (RFI), Alain Foka has already embarked on a new adventure in Lomé, Togo. The Cameroonian journalist created a company called MANSSAH.

After 30 years of good and loyal service, the famous journalist Alain Foka will leave RFI permanently. The host of the show Archives d’Afrique announced the news himself through a post on his social networks.

“After thirty years of good and loyal service where I tried on the RFI antennas to give you both an African reading of international news with Médias d’Afrique (daily for 16 years) and the African debate (weekly for 12 years), as well as better visibility of African champions with Afrique + (weekly for 5 years), and an African version of the contemporary history of our continent through Archives d’Afrique (in weekly for 31 years); I decided and chose to leave RFI at the end of October 2023,” announced Alain Foka.

In his message, the journalist specified that his departure marks the beginning of a new era for his personal projects. “(…) This is therefore a new start for a greater popularization of thought, of the project, of the African vision in a world in profound change. A big surprise in the coming months. A rebirth,” he said.

Lomé, Alain Foka’s new base?

Speaking of personal projects as he said so well in his message, the journalist will soon settle in Lomé with his new company called MANSSAH. Indeed, it is a structure specializing in strategy consulting, marketing, and lobbying.

The company is registered under the name of Alain Marcel GUEO FOKA and has its head office at the AFRICAN GUARANTEE FUND Building, located at Carrefour GTA in Lomé. The share capital of this company amounts to fourteen million CFA francs (14,000,000 FCFA), divided into 1,400 shares with a par value of 10,000 CFA francs each.

In addition to the field of Marketing, the company also plans to diversify by getting involved in the organization of events, the holding of conferences, the publication of studies, as well as the production, direction, and provision of audiovisual services. . This includes writing articles and creating video content, suitable for a variety of media such as television, internet, DVD, and print.

The inauguration of this new MANSSAH company will take place in Lomé on Sunday October 22.