The Bachelor: after her elimination, Barbara breaks the silence

The Bachelor: end of the adventure for the Gabonese Barbara

The Gabonese Barbara was eliminated from the reality TV show The Bachelor during the episode of Saturday October 21, 2023. Her exit differs slightly from those of the other previous candidates.

After the Congolese Jasmine, the Ivorian Astride, the Beninese Laurinda and Bérénice; It’s Barbara’s turn. Only that the withdrawal of the latter was a little different from that of the previous candidates.

In fact, Barbara let the Bachelor know that she was, when that was not the case. His companion would even visit him during filming. Not having appreciated this behavior from Barbara, the Bachelor simply made the decision that his adventure ended there.

The Bachelor was informed by one of the candidates, to whom Barbara confided, forgetting that she is in a competition where anything goes.

Furthermore, it should be noted that during the episode of Saturday October 21, 2023, Barbara is the only candidate who was eliminated. All the rest of the candidates received roses to continue the adventure.