South Africa: ANC obtains 42.3% of votes, according to partial results

South Africa: ANC obtains 42.3% of votes, according to partial results

In South Africa, the Electoral Commission announced on Thursday the end of the counting of ballot papers for the legislative elections held on Wednesday. With 35% of the votes counted, the ANC obtained 42.3% of the votes, a considerable decline for the party.

The South African Electoral Commission said on Thursday evening that the counting of parliamentary election ballots was almost complete, with only a few polling stations still being counted. According to partial results, the African National Congress (ANC) obtained only 42.3% of the votes after the counting of 35% of the ballots, a sign of major political change in the country.

Sy Mamabolo, chief electoral officer, confirmed that counting procedures were about to conclude. “The counting procedures are now complete, only a few polling stations are still counting at around three o'clock,” did he declare. Mamabolo also stressed that the results compilation process aims to ensure the accuracy and validation of the results, a crucial step in ensuring the transparency and credibility of the poll.

The ANC's low score marks a turning point in South Africa's political history. The party, which has ruled the country since the end of apartheid in 1994, is facing a loss of support. This decline could open the way to new coalitions and a reconfiguration of the South African political scene.

The final results of the vote, which could bring about the biggest political change in South Africa's young democracy, are expected to be announced by Sunday, according to the independent electoral commission. However, Mamabolo indicated that the results could be communicated sooner, depending on the speed of the compilation and validation process.