Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud, président élu de la Somalie

Somalia orders dismissal of Ethiopian ambassador

Somalia has taken the decision to expel the Ethiopian ambassador and close two Ethiopian consulates on its territory. For good reason, Somalia accuses them of interference in its internal affairs.

Somalia announced on April 4, 2024 the expulsion of the Ethiopian ambassador and the closure of two Ethiopian consulates on its territory, due to what it describes as“interference in its internal affairs”.

In its official statement, the Somali government notably asked the Ethiopian ambassador to Somalia to return to his country for “consultations”. This decision comes after months of tensions between the two countries, notably due to territorial disputes and political differences.

Ethiopia, for its part, has not yet officially reacted to this decision, but this escalation of tensions raises concerns about the impact on regional stability. The Horn of Africa is already facing several crises, including the unstable political situation in Ethiopia and the ongoing conflict in Tigray.