Somalia: more than 30 al-Shabab members killed in the center of the country

A military operation carried out by the Somali army in Galmudug state, central Somalia, neutralized more than 30 fighters from the al-Shabab movement.

According to information provided by the Somali news agency SONA, an anti-terrorism operation was carried out to weaken the al-Shabab group. The operation was launched against two al-Shabab militia bases in the town of Arfuda, located near Harardhere.

The Somali armed forces, supported by international partners, inflicted losses on the terrorist group, in addition to destroying military equipment, including vehicles. According to the figures announced, more than 30 terrorist fighters were neutralized as part of this operation.

The operation comes barely a week after another joint offensive between the Somali army and Jubaland state forces left 50 al-Shabab fighters dead in the Lower Juba region. , in the south of the country.

For years, the Somali government has been fighting against the al-Shabab movement, affiliated with Al-Qaeda, which has claimed responsibility for several terrorist attacks causing the deaths of civilians, soldiers and police officers. Although the group was driven out of major Somali cities between 2011 and 2012, it remains active in rural areas and poses a persistent threat to national security.