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Somalia: army eliminates 50 members of Al-Shabab

The Somali army, together with its international partners, announced that it had eliminated 50 Al-Shabab members in an airstrike in Galmudug state. Among the victims is a senior commander of the terrorist group, Ahmed Jiis, who is accused of planning terrorist attacks against the Somali population.

A joint operation carried out by the Somali National Army, in coordination with unspecified international allies, resulted in a successful airstrike in the Baraagta Gurguurte area near Harardhere district of Galmudug state. This targeted action targeted members of Al-Shabab, affiliated with Al-Qaeda, who posed an imminent threat to the security of Somalia.

Somalia's official news agency reported that the airstrike eliminated 50 terrorists, including a high-ranking commander named Ahmed Jiis. The latter was known for his plans to carry out large-scale terrorist attacks against Somali civilians. The operation was carried out successfully.

For many years, the Somali government has been working, with the support of local tribes and its international partners, notably the United States, to counter the terrorist activities of Al-Shabab on its territory. The terrorist group, founded in 2004, has claimed responsibility for several bombings across the country.

Despite efforts to eradicate the threat of Al-Shabab, the terrorist group continues to pose a persistent threat to Somalia. Although it was driven out of major cities between 2011 and 2012, it still remains active in rural areas of the country and threatens the stability and security of the region.