Kenya: 02 civilians killed and 10 injured in attack led by Al-Shabab

Somalia: 25 al-Shabab elements killed near Wajid airport

Southwestern Somalia was the scene of a significant victory for government forces who thwarted a planned attack by the al-Shabab terrorist group on Wajid airport. In total, 25 members of the group, including 5 foreigners, were neutralized during the operation.

Somali government forces carried out a successful operation to prevent a planned attack by the al-Shabab terrorist group on the local Wajid airport in the southwestern province of Bakool. Muhammad Muallem, the governor of Wajid town, confirmed the event in a statement on state television.

The attack, which could have had disastrous consequences for the region, was foiled thanks to the determination and coordination of Somali government forces. According to Governor Muallem, a total of 25 members of the al-Shabab terrorist group were neutralized in the operation, five of whom were foreigners. Other members of the terrorist movement were injured, marking a significant defeat for the organization known for its deadly operations.

A formidable actor of terrorism…

Since its founding in early 2004, al-Shabab has become a formidable actor in terrorism in Somalia, ideologically affiliated with Al-Qaeda. The group has carried out numerous bloody terrorist operations, causing hundreds of deaths and spreading terror across the country. The neutralization of 25 of its members, including foreigners, represents a major blow to the organization and demonstrates the determination of Somali government forces to counter their destructive activities.

Somali authorities continue to wage a fierce fight against al-Shabab to restore security and stability in the region. This successful operation near Wajid Airport sends a strong message that the government is committed to protecting its citizens and confronting the terrorist threats facing the country.