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Presidential elections in the DRC: the European Union cancels its observation mission

The European Union announces that it has canceled its electoral observation mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The institution cited reasons “ techniques“.

The European Union (EU) announced on November 29 the cancellation of its electoral observation mission in the DRC. In her press release, she mentions “technical constraints beyond (its control)”without further details, affirming that it will not be “now no longer possible” to deploy observers in most provinces. The announcement from Brussels comes after several days of uncertainty over the future of this mission.

“Due to technical constraints beyond the control of the EU, we are forced to cancel the electoral observation mission”, declares the spokesperson for the diplomatic service of the European Union, Nabila Massrali, in a press release published on November 29. The day before, the EU had declared that its electoral observers arriving in the DRC had not been able to “deploy across the country for security reasons”which made their mission ” impossible “.

Nabila Massrali specifies that essential telecommunications equipment could not be made available to observers deployed in the country for the elections on December 20. “ The EU encourages the DRC authorities and all stakeholders to continue their efforts to ensure that the Congolese people can fully exercise their legitimate political and civil rights in the upcoming elections“, adds the spokesperson, quoted in the press release.

Other options on the table

She adds that “ the EU is exploring other options with the Congolese authorities, including the possibility of maintaining a mission of electoral experts to observe the electoral process from the capital“. The Democratic Republic of Congo, a vast central African country of nearly 100 million inhabitants, is due to organize legislative and presidential elections on December 20, during which outgoing President Félix Tshisekedi, aged 60, is seeking a second term. .