Coco Emilia et Nathalie Koah @ Cam Web

Pimping case in Cameroon: Nathalie Koah and Coco Emilia react

Two Cameroonian influencers, Nathalie Koah and Coco Emilia, face accusations of participation in a pimping case in Cameroon. The two businesswomen reacted strongly by publishing messages to defend themselves.

A pimping case is currently causing a sensation in Cameroon, revealed by whistleblower N’zui Manto. Internet users quickly pointed the finger at a businessman named Hervé Bopda, but several influencers, including Nathalie Koah, Mayole Francine, Diamond Croqueuse, Muriel Blanche, Poupy, Le blanc d’Eyenga, Coco Emilia, Clinton Ndji and Mourzane, were also involved. Around 50 victims testified, one of whom accused Nathalie Koah, the author of the book “Revenge Porn”, of significant involvement. During one show, a 19-year-old tearfully said she was invited to a ceremony in Buea by the influencer, where she was allegedly forced to take part in a menage a trois with a man.

According to the leaked report, the girl was allegedly forced into sexual activities with Nathalie Koah and another man, causing pain and discomfort. A payment of 500 million CFA Francs would also have been mentioned. The victim, recruited for modeling on social media, was allegedly forced to wear only red underwear.

Nathalie Koah reacted first on her Facebook page, expressing her outrage at the serious accusations and calling for proof. Coco Emilia followed, saying she never encouraged prostitution or pimping, and asking anyone with evidence to publish it. In addition, she emphasized her distance from the world of showbiz and social networks, calling for respect for her current life.