Olympic Qualification 2024 (F): Rwanda's list against Uganda

Olympic Qualification 2024 (F): Rwanda’s list against Uganda

The Rwandan selection has revealed its list of players selected for the match against Uganda, as part of the first elimination round of the 2024 Olympic Games (F) in the Africa zone.

Several meetings are on the program next July, as part of the first round of qualifications in the Africa zone, for the women’s football tournament of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Also in the running for the competition, Rwanda will face Uganda. In anticipation of this meeting, the Amavubi ladies coach, Marie Grace Nyinawumuntu, announced the composition of her group this Tuesday. The majority of players come from local clubs Rayon Sport and AS Kigali.

The gathering will begin on June 28, 2023, and the group will be hosted at the Villa Portofino Hotel. Training will take place at the Kigali Pelé stadium. The first leg will take place on July 12, 2023 at St. Mary’s Stadium in Uganda, while the return leg is scheduled for the 18th of the same month at Kigali Pelé Stadium.

The U23 players called by Marie Grace Nyinawumuntu as part of the Rwanda – Uganda match:

Guardians : Mutuyimana Elisabeth (APAER WFC), Ndakimana Angeline (AS Kigali WFC), Uwamahoro Diane (AS Kigali WFC)

Defenders : Abimana Djamila (Kamonyi FC), Mukantaganira Joselyne (Rayon Sport WFC), Uzayisenga Lydia (APAER WFC), Uwanyirigira Safi (Rayon Sport WFC), Maniraguha Louise (AS Kigali WFC), Uwase Andorsene (Rayon Sport WFC), Mukahirwa Providence ( Fatima WFC), Nibagwire Sifa Gloria (AS Kigali WFC)

Midfielders : Mukeshimana Dorothee (Rayon Sport WFC), Nzayiturikh Illuminate (Fatima WFC), Umwari Uwase Dudja (Fatima WFC), Tugeriwacu Leoncie (Inyemera WFC), Usanase Zawadi (AS Kigali WFC), Umuhoza Yvonne (Kamonyi WFC), Kalimba Alice (Rayon Sport WFC), Kayitesi Alodia (AS Kigali WFC), Umuhoza Angélique (Rayon Sports WFC)

Attackers : Dukuzumuremyi Yvonne (Bugesera WFC), Imanizabayo Florence (Rayon Sport WFC), Irumva Delphine (Fatima WFC), Nibagwire Liberathe (AS Kigali WFC) and Niyonshuti Emerance (Kamonyi WFC)