Nathalie Koah subtly reveals a clue about her companion (photo)

Nathalie Koah subtly reveals a clue about her companion (photo)

Nathalie Koah has never spoken about her companion publicly. But, the influencer revealed a clue on social networks on Thursday March 14, 2024 on the sidelines of the Ramadan fast.

Nathalie Koah, the well-known influencer, recently announced on her social networks that she is now observing Ramadan out of respect for her Muslim spouse. The news was shared by the administrator of the page Peupah Zouzoua, close to Nathalie Koah, who provided details on this subject on her Facebook page.

On Snapchat, Nathalie now wears a bitmoji hijab and shares recipes for Muslims to break their fast. “My menu of the day, happy Ramadan,” she said.

This decision to comply with Ramadan follows the start of the 4th pillar of Islam, the fast of Ramadan, by Muslim faithful around the world since last Monday March 11, which will continue until April 2.

Although the identity of her Muslim spouse has not been revealed, this approach demonstrates Nathalie Koah's respect and openness towards her partner's beliefs.

This new step shows Nathalie Koah's desire to share and respect the traditions of the Muslim community, as well as her desire to be involved in a meaningful way in the spiritual life of her partner.