DRC: here is the funeral program for the wife of Pastor Marcello Tunasi

“My wife died following a simple operation”, Marcello Tunasi

The funeral of Pastor Marcello Tunasi’s wife ended this Monday, June 17 with her burial in the Kinshasa cemetery. During these ceremonies, the renowned man of faith lifted a corner of the veil on the real reason for the death of his late wife before delivering a poignant testimony about his late wife.

The entire Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) paid tribute to the late wife of Pastor Marcello Tunasi. Since the start of Blanche Tunasi’s funeral ceremonies, many political and religious figures in the country as well as the faithful of the La Compassion Church have marched to show their support for the man of God.

Among these personalities present, we could cite: Denise Nyakeru, the wife of the President of the DRC, the political opponent Martin Fayulu, the singer l’Or Mbongo, the preacher Joëlle Kabasele, Pastor Francis Ngawala and many others. others. During this funeral in memory of Blanche Tunasi, her husband offered a poignant testimony.

“My wife died following a simple operation… I never imagined that I would come here with the body of my wife, but the voice of God is unfathomable. I met Blanche when she was 15 and I was 25. I married Blanche when she was 21 and I was 31. She had to do a very simple operation and it took a lot of time…”he said.

He continued: “I cried and cried nights and nights…We were very happy. Blanche knew she was going to die… Blanche did everything so that I would preach, I would fast, I would be anointed. Today I have become Dad, Mom, Pastor, God help me to do all of this at the same time. I promise to God, to the church of Congo, I will serve God as before and more than before. Thank you to the body of Christ for your love”.

Furthermore, the body of the wife of Pastor Marcello Tunasi was exposed at the Tata Raphaël stadium, on the morning of Monday, June 17, 2024, before being buried in the Kinshasa cemetery.