Mpika Resident Attacked By UPND Cadres Dies, As VEEP Assures That Culprits Will Be Dealt With Severely

A MPIKA resident who was attacked with a matchet by UPND cadres that were in company of our leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has succumbed to the deadly injuries and passed on.

Meanwhile Vice President Inonge Wina has assured the nation that police will ensure all the UPND cadres who were involved in the killing as well as abduction and assaulting of two police officers from Mpika police station are brought to book.

Mrs Wina told parliament this morning during the vice president’s question time that it is regrettable that the abduction was carried out in the presence of some senior party officials.

She explains that the incident happened when police officers tried to rescue members of the public who were beaten after they refused to respond to the opposition party slogans which were being flaunted by the cadres who were driving in HH’s convoy.

Responding to a question from Serenje Member of Parliament Maxwell Kabanda who wanted to know what government is doing about the matter, Mrs Wina says it is regrettable that police officers who were supposed to intercept the suspects allowed them to escape.

She has however indicated that the police will ensure all those involved are arrested.

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