Morocco: death toll from earthquake exceeds 1,000

Morocco allocates $12 billion for reconstruction after earthquake

After the devastating earthquake which struck several large Moroccan cities on September 8, Morocco announced an ambitious reconstruction and rehabilitation program, worth $12 billion over five years. This initiative aims to recover the country from the tragic repercussions of the natural disaster.

Morocco recently faced a painful ordeal with an earthquake measuring 7 degrees on the Richter scale, affecting major cities such as Rabat, Casablanca, Meknes, Fez, Marrakech, Agadir and Taroudant. The human and material consequences were catastrophic, with a toll of 2,946 deaths, 6,125 injuries and significant material damage.

Faced with this tragedy, Morocco announced an ambitious reconstruction plan during a meeting chaired by King Mohammed VI at the Royal Palace in Rabat. The general reconstruction and rehabilitation program for areas affected by the Al Haouz earthquake aims to provide a comprehensive and rapid response.

06 targeted regions and provinces

This program will extend over five years and will benefit from a colossal budget of 12 billion dollars (120 billion dirhams). It will specifically target the six regions and provinces affected by the earthquake, namely Marrakech, Al Haouz, Chichaoua, Azilal, Taroudant (in the center) and the governorate of Ouarzazate (in the north).

The program’s objectives include rebuilding damaged housing, rehabilitating destroyed infrastructure and promoting social and economic development in affected areas. It will also strive to reduce social deficits, particularly in mountainous areas seriously affected by the earthquake.

Morocco’s decision to allocate such a large sum for reconstruction after the earthquake demonstrates its commitment to overcoming this tragedy and helping the millions of people affected. Reconstruction is not only limited to the restoration of buildings, but also aims to revitalize the affected communities and improve their quality of life.