CAN 2023: “my beloved brother, nothing will happen to you”, Lady Ponce to Samuel Eto'o

Marc Brys affair at the head of the Indomitable Lions: Lady Ponce supports Samuel Eto'o

The famous Cameroonian artist Lady Ponce once again provides her unwavering support to Samuel Eto'o, considered by many as a brother.

Recently, the Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot) released an announcement where it did not officially recognize Marc Brys as the new coach of the Indomitable Lions. Faced with this situation, the government remained silent for a long time before finally responding through its sports minister.

In the process, the famous Cameroonian singer, Lady Ponce, who does not have her tongue in her pocket, stepped up to the plate through a publication on her Facebook page, in which she gave her support to Samuel Eto'o.

“My beloved brother, it is not you that they humiliated, but the whole of Cameroon. They show the whole world that Cameroonians cannot manage Cameroon. So I'm surprised to know that they are still in their positions. They should have started by resigning themselves and handing over colonization to us once. Nothing will happen to you, brother, they cannot destroy or take away what God has put in you. Samuel Eto'o, the Legend,” wrote Lady Ponce.