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Madagascar: opening of candidatures for the legislative elections

Nominations for the Malagasy legislative elections on May 29 are now open, but no candidate has yet submitted their application.

The electoral process in Madagascar is entering a new phase with the opening of candidacies for the legislative elections, scheduled for May 29. Ambitious citizens and politicians have until April 8 to submit their applications to the Candidate Verification and Registration Bodies (Ovec). However, on the first day, no candidate has yet taken the plunge.

To be eligible, candidates must meet several criteria, including registration on the electoral list, the mandate of the political party presenting them, and payment of a deposit of 20 million ariary (approximately $4,500). Meanwhile, political parties, particularly the one in power, are working to form coalitions. A “Coalition for the Presidential Majority” was announced, bringing together several parties and associations with the aim of guaranteeing a stable majority in the National Assembly.

These legislative elections will determine the composition of the National Assembly and influence the political stability of the country. However, with just two months to go before the election, internal tensions within the ruling party are palpable, while the opposition splits into two collectives, each with their own ambitions and strategies.

Former President Marc Ravalomanana, leader of the opposition, underlined the importance of these elections for the destiny of the Malagasy population. With 163 seats to be filled in the National Assembly, voters are preparing to make their voices heard, almost six months after the presidential election of November 2023.