Alerte tempĂȘte (photo illustrative)

Madagascar: at least 11 dead after the passage of cyclone Gamane

Cyclone Gamane caused at least one victim in the north of Madagascar. The authorities are facing an emergency situation with the damage caused by strong winds and flooding being considerable.

The ordeal began at dawn on Wednesday when Cyclone Gamane, initially forecast to bypass the island, suddenly changed course to hit the northern tip of Madagascar. With average winds reaching 150 km/h and gusts exceeding 210 km/h, the cyclone left behind a landscape of destruction and desolation.

On Thursday, Malagasy authorities confirmed the death of at least 11 people, while the number of victims continues to increase, already reaching 36,000 people. Floods caused by overflowing rivers have led to the collapse of bridges and the cutting of roads, making rescue operations difficult.

The National Office for Risk and Disaster Management reported alarming images of the disaster which quickly circulated on social media, reflecting the extent of the damage and the distress of residents affected by the cyclone.

Gamane is the first cyclone of this year's storm and cyclone season in Madagascar. Last year, tropical storms Freddy and Cheneso had already killed at least 37 people and forced thousands more to abandon their homes.