Samuel Eto

“Lie”, “stalking”, “defamation”, the muscular exit of Samuel Eto’o

In a long post on his Instagram account, Samuel Eto'o reacted to his standoff with the Minister of Sports regarding the technical staff of the Indomitable Lions. And the president of Fecafoot took the opportunity to put an end to rumors about his candidacy for the next presidential election in Cameroon.

He waited until the end of the June gathering of the Indomitable Lions to make what he calls an “UPDATE” on his tense relationship with the Cameroonian sports minister. In a long post on his Instagram account, Samuel Eto'o wanted to clarify his standoff with the government over the technical staff of the national team. And the former footballer denounced the rumors which make him a candidate for the next presidential election.

My dear friends, what would I be without your affection? I am blessed to count my friends in the millions. How many legions are there to shield me from the adversity that stalks me? You plead my case when lies harass me. You defend me against the defamation that wants to destroy me. You stand in the way when bad faith overwhelms me. I thank you very much.

I have dedicated my life to football. A player from my childhood to adulthood and, today, a sports manager, I gave the best of myself. Elected at the head of Fecafoot, I strive to improve our football. I work twenty hours a day to provide our youth with the amenities that my generation lacked. It is a meaning given to my life to pass on and serve my cadets. You, who love and appreciate me, know that I do not hide when expressing my ideas. Yes, in 2018, I voted for President Paul Biya.

And I maintain my unwavering support for him. I assume. And no, I will not let anyone take away my rights as a citizen. As far as I am concerned, let us be clear: the presidency of Fecafoot is not a springboard to access the Presidency of the Republic. I repeat it loud and clear: I, Samuel Eto'o son, am not a candidate for the presidency of Cameroon. This clarification seems necessary to me to stop this unhealthy focus on my modest self. It makes my family suffer, scares my friends, hinders our sporting project and poses a threat to my safety. Let's be constructive. Let's dream big for our “Continent”, let's give the best of ourselves, each in their rightful place. Let's restore Cameroonian football to all its greatness“, he wrote.