Leaked intimate video case of Daniel Nsang: Naya Kimberly, the author of the publication makes her mea culpa

Naya Kimberly, the author of the publication of the intimate video of actor Daniel Nsang, apologized to her fans and to the actor. She did so through a publication on her Facebook page this Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

A few days after the leak of the intimate video of the famous Cameroonian actor Daniel Nsang on the web, the author of the publication, Naya Kimberly, also broke the silence. In a post on her Facebook page on the evening of Wednesday April 17, 2024, she apologized to the actor. “ Sorry for this joke Daniel Nsang. I didn't know it was going to be serious like this. Family I'm sorry », Wrote Naya Kimberly in the caption to a photo of Daniel Nsang.

As a reminder, a few days ago, an intimate video of actor Daniel Nsang was published on the web. And in said video, we could see him wearing a simple tank top and all the rest of his body naked, sleeping after some sex in the air. Comments went all over the place on the web.

In the process, the victim broke his silence through a publication in which he gave his news before thanking his fans for the support they gave him during this ordeal, on his Facebook page, in the evening from Wednesday April 17, 2024.