Europa League: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang reacts to OM's qualification

A decisive passer, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang largely contributed to OM's qualification for the semi-final of the Europa League, defeating Benfica Lisbon. A feat savored by the Gabonese after the meeting.

This Thursday evening will remain etched in the memories of Olympique de Marseille supporters, as their team achieved a resounding feat. Facing Benfica, the Olympians, defeated in the first leg, managed to turn things around and qualify for the semi-finals of the Europa League. In a Vélodrome stadium electrified by emotion, OM were able to find the strength to win during the penalty shootout, thus offering a memorable victory to their fans.

The evening was marked by the exceptional performance of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the Gabonese international, who once again demonstrated his talent and determination. It was he who scored the decisive goal, delivering a precious ball to Moumbagna to seal his team's victory. Speaking to Canal+, Aubameyang spoke with a mixture of relief and pride after this epic encounter:

“We saw that they came to keep the match even if they had a few situations. But tonight, we fought as a team. This evening there is nothing to say, we communicated with the public, that gave us strength and we got through like that. Every time I move there, I get a cramp that could happen at any time (laughs). No, frankly, it's beautiful to see that even in the suffering, no one gave up. Until the end….

Evenings like this here are magnificent. Amazing. It’s also great for the coach, I’m happy for him. He said it, he wanted to experience that. He wanted us to do something big. And I think that tonight is something big already. It's great, it's good for the heart and I imagine the supporters are happy. We had to win tonight and that's what we did. It's great. » Now all that remains is to repeat the feat against Atalanta Bergamo, who defeated Liverpool.