Koffi Olomidé treats himself to a jacket worth 27 million CFA francs

Koffi Olomidé: this reaction of Grand Mopao to the accusation of his daughter Didistone

The end of the squabble between Koffi Olomidé and his daughter Didistone is not coming soon. After the veiled sting against Didistone, she responded by making a serious accusation against him.

Koffi Olomidé recently launched a veiled dig at Didistone, accusing the latter of excessive use of social networks to the detriment of more productive activities.

Faced with these remarks, Didistone, apparently touched, reacted by questioning her father for his alleged behavior towards some of her friends, including Daida, the daughter of Congolese musician JB Mpiana. Confronted with these allegations during a television interview, Koffi Olomidé responded by challenging the press corps to ask Didistone to provide concrete examples or evidence to support his claims.

Regarding JB Mpiana’s daughter, Grand Mopao replied: “ Ask her if I've ever met her. That I'm hitting on his daughter to have something I never had? She is his daughter as she is my daughter. For me, I see things like this. I can't waste my time saying it's wrong because people know it's wrong“.