Jessy B, remporte le prestigieux Prix Découvertes RFI 2023, @ RFI Couleurs tropicales

Jessy B wins the prestigious RFI Discovery Prize 2023

The young Congolese rapper Jessy B won the prestigious RFI 2023 Découvertes Prize. The results were revealed on Tuesday December 12, 2023.

The Congolese music scene has just welcomed a new rising star with the victory of Jessy B at the prestigious Prix Découvertes RFI 2023. Originally from Congo-Brazzaville, this rapper and singer with undeniable talent was able to seduce the jury with her creativity and her vocal tone. unusual.

Real name Jessica Diatsona Biggerman, Jessy B quickly became one of the essential figures in Congolese female rap. His music, inspired by the realities of everyday life, addresses often taboo subjects with a strength and poetry that are unique to him. Her powerful flow and impactful lyrics make her a committed artist, ready to make her voice heard and give a voice to those who don’t have one.

On the prestigious RFI Discovery Prize

The RFI Discovery Prize is a prestigious award that highlights emerging talents in African music. Each year, it allows us to discover new voices, new sounds and contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity. Jessy B, with her artistic versatility and ability to mix genres, perfectly embodies this idea of ​​fusion and musical openness.

This international recognition will certainly propel Jessy B’s career to new heights. She will thus be able to reach an even wider audience and share her passion for music with the whole world. Internet users are eager to discover Jessy B’s next productions and to see how she will continue to push the boundaries of Congolese music.