Lady Ponce

“I said Yes”, these details which sow doubt on the alleged marriage of Lady Ponce (videos)

Lady Ponce, the famous Cameroonian singer of Bikutsi, recently shared a video on Facebook that sparked strong reactions about her possible marriage. While she looks radiant in a wedding dress, certain details have attracted attention and fueled speculation.

In the video, Lady Ponce holds a magnificent bouquet of flowers while her partner remains filmed from behind. “My princesses, this time it’s really confirmed, I said yes”, she said in a short video. His nervous attitude and his apparent lack of enthusiasm have cast doubt: is it possible that this man is an actor playing a role in this ceremony?

Despite the congratulations and wishes of happiness addressed to the singer Lady Ponce, many Internet users were skeptical about the veracity of this union. This caution is explained by the past experience of singer Indira Baboké’s fans, who had been deceived by a true-false marriage stunt.

A mysterious husband, a tender declaration of love

However, Lady Ponce did not fail to share her joy on social networks: “I’m married, it feels good, wedding night with my bridesmaids”, she declared. She goes further and makes a declaration of love to her darling. “Thank you to my tender, sweet, beautiful, sexy, cute and generous Lopaire. I love you “she added in the caption of the video.

The mysterious groom, whose face will remain unknown for the moment, casts doubt on the veracity of this union and fuels the discussions of the singer’s fans.

Pending clarification from Lady Ponce herself, Internet users remain divided. Some support their idol and hope that this marriage is real, while others remain suspicious, fearing a new media deception.

Only time will tell if this marriage is truly that of Lady Pontius. In the meantime, her fans continue to follow the developments of this story closely, ready to celebrate with her if this union turns out to be a truth rather than just entertainment.