“I lost consciousness at…”, Fernand Lopez’s ex-wife reveals she suffered more than a slap

“I lost consciousness at…”, Fernand Lopez’s ex-wife reveals she suffered more than a slap

While the recent media outing of Charlotte Dipanda’s husband about the “domestic violence” affair continues to provoke reactions on the web, his ex-wife Cécile Giornelli has returned to the charge to make new revelations.

The husband of singer Charlotte Dipanda has been at the center of a domestic violence controversy for several days. The MMA trainer is accused of having laid hands on his ex-wife Cécile Giornelli. The information was revealed by his ex-foal Cédric Doumbè after his incredible victory at the PFL on Saturday against Jordan Zébo.

Faced with these serious accusations, Fernand Lopez very quickly broke the silence to give his version of the facts in an interview given to our colleagues at Journal Le Parisien. Without denying the facts, Charlotte Dipanda’s husband revealed that he had slapped his ex-wife in the past. “ My action is inexcusable. A human being, a man does not raise his hand against a woman. One day, I made this gesture. The gesture I regret the most in my entire life“, he said.

However, this version of the MMA trainer very quickly brought the alleged victim out of his silence. In a long message on Instagram, nutritionist Cécile Giornelli brushed aside the words of her daughter’s father and accused him of wanting to manipulate public opinion through his media influence.

I have remained silent and quiet for all these years, but it is clear that I am still being smeared and a life is still being invented for me (…) We don’t take four months for a slap in the face. Everything is lies, victimization, reversal of the situation, manipulation of the masses and use of its media strike force which I never had and never will have. He knows it and plays with it“, she lamented.

Cécile then revealed that she had been beaten several times by her ex-husband to the point of losing consciousness at times. “ At the time, I thought I was crazy, my brain had been so twisted. And I’ve just had enough! These actions with impunity must stop. Let me be clear: I do not want to display my private life in public. But the victim is me plus my daughter who saw everything. And I refuse to be made to appear as a violent woman and that the situation has ‘gotten out of control’. It’s wrong. When I lost consciousness, and twice, it was my daughter’s cries that ‘wake up’ me. So no, it wasn’t a slap in the face, no, we weren’t an abusive couple.“, she revealed.

With these new revelations from Cécile which contradict the statements of her ex-husband, it seems that this affair is still far from reaching its conclusion.