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How to locate your computer after losing it?

To allow its users to know the exact location of their lost computers, Microsoft has implemented a function called “turn on location”.

Indeed, the remote locking that we discovered above is only part of the function “Find my device” of Windows 10. In case you haven’t activated it yet, your Microsoft account will automatically show you the option “Enable location”. Thus, you track the location of your missing device, provided that it is still connected to the Internet.

To enable this feature on your computer, follow these steps:

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  • Click on the Settings menu;
  • Click on “Update and security”;
  • Choose “Find my device”;
  • Click on the “Edit” button;
  • Click the “Periodically save my device’s location” toggle button.

However, it is recommended to start this process as soon as possible. If you’ve completed these steps, your Windows 10 computer will save its current location several times a day to your Microsoft account. This is very practical in case of loss or theft! Although it’s turned off, you’ll still be able to track it through its last known location.

By following the steps previously specified, you can change your password and locate your PC from your Microsoft account.