Hervé Bopda

Hervé Bopda: the Cameroonian businessman sent to prison

Hervé Bopda, a Cameroonian businessman, accused of multiple sexual assaults and rapes, was remanded in custody in a prison in Douala, according to his lawyer, Me Roland Ojong-Ashu.

On February 29, 2024, Me Roland Ojong-Ashu specified that his client, in police custody for a month, was placed in pre-trial detention in order to allow the investigating judge to carry out more investigations. According to the lawyer, twelve people filed complaints against him.

Since mid-January, more than 70 anonymous testimonies of sexual assault have been posted on social networks by a Cameroonian blogger. The hashtag #StopBopda, launched in reaction to these testimonies, was widely relayed, notably by influential personalities across Africa.

Public pressure led to an acceleration of the procedure, with the request for an investigation from the Bar Association and the Cameroon Human Rights Commission. Bergeline Domou, human rights activist, considers this detention a temporary victory, stressing that Bopda no longer represents a threat.

Furthermore, Me Ojong Ashu filed a request for immediate release for his client, whose hearing is scheduled for March 6. As a reminder, Hervé Bopda was presented during his arrest at the end of January by public radio and television CRTV as a suspect involved in numerous cases of rape and sexual assault.