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DRC: this veiled spat from Koffi Olomidé to his daughter Didistone

Famous singer Koffi Olomidé recently expressed his admiration for his daughter Kenaya, praising her for her commitment to her studies and her discretion on social media. This statement is seen as an indirect message to his daughter Didistone, known for her active presence on social platforms.

The relationship between Koffi Olomidé and Didistone became strained following the artist's divorce from his ex-wife and his union with Cindy Le Coeur, the leader of his Quartier Latin orchestra. Didistone publicly criticized this relationship, creating a rift within the family.

Although Koffi Olomidé tries to minimize conflicts by affirming in the media his unconditional affection for all his children, reconciliation seems complex. Proof of this discord, during the Christmas celebrations, the singer was seen in the company of Cindy Le Cœur and her children, with the exception of Didistone, during a dinner in a chic establishment in the French capital.

In a post on his Facebook Page this Tuesday, February 27, 2024, the Congolese singer posted a series of images of himself in the company of his daughter Kenaya with the caption a message of congratulations to her, for the seriousness she takes in his studies. “ Miss Keke doesn't like to be on social media all the time because she has her university work to do », he writes.

By taking a public position, the Congolese cultural emissary launches a veiled criticism of Didistone, accusing the latter of excessive use of social networks to the detriment of more productive activities.