“He marked my face”, Tyson Fury after the clash with Francis Ngannou

“He marked my face”, Tyson Fury after the clash with Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury, the famous English boxer, emerged victorious from an intense match against Francis Ngannou. Despite this victory on points, Fury wanted to express his gratitude to Ngannou for his impressive performance.

At the end of his clash with Francis Ngannou on Saturday October 28, 2023, Tyson Fury was declared the winner by split decision of the jury. “Ngannou is a good boxer, he touched me, he surprised me, he marked my face. It was a tough fight,” Fury said in the post-match press conference. This humble reaction from Fury highlights his respect for his opponent’s talent and determination.

The fight was highly anticipated, as many predicted a quick defeat for Ngannou. However, the Cameroonian boxer surprised everyone by delivering a top performance, pushing the “Gipsy King” to the tenth and final round for his first professional fight.

Despite Ngannou’s efforts, the judges gave Fury the victory with two votes to one. However, this decision is far from obvious and is likely to spark controversy in the coming days. Ngannou’s stellar performance demonstrated that he is a formidable opponent, and many fans are wondering if the judges made the right decision.

However, Ngannou’s feat will not be forgotten any time soon, and it is highly likely that these two boxers will meet again in the ring in the near future.