Gabon: the European Union reacts to the ouster of Ali Bongo

Gabon: the European Union reacts to the ouster of Ali Bongo

The European Union strongly condemned the “forceful” takeover in Gabon and urged all parties to exercise restraint.

The European Union has strongly reacted to the recent takeover “by force” in Gabon, expressing its categorical rejection of these events and calling for restraint from all parties involved. In a statement from the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, concerns were raised about the violation of constitutional order and democracy in the central African country.

The European Union statement affirmed that the challenges currently facing Gabon must be resolved within the framework of the fundamental principles of the rule of law and democracy. Violence and unilateral takeover “by force” were categorically condemned. The European Union called for an inclusive and objective dialogue approach to ensure that the wishes of the Gabonese people are respected.

Additionally, the European Union has raised serious concerns about the management of the electoral process preceding the military coup. The bloc stressed that the path to resolving problems and establishing legitimate governance passes through respect for the constitutional order and the voice of the Gabonese population.

A military group announced on public television that it had taken control of Gabon on Wednesday, calling into question the legitimacy of elections that saw President Ali Bongo re-elected for a third term. This takeover was quickly followed by the cancellation of elections, the dissolution of state institutions and the closure of borders.