Presidential in Gabon: Albert Ondo Ossa, the only choice of the opposition against Ali Bongo

Gabon – Elections: the government announces the closure of borders

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On the eve of the presidential, legislative and local elections in Gabon, the Minister of the Interior, Lambert Noël Matha, announced the closure of land and sea borders in order to ensure the security of the electoral process.

Gabon is preparing to host the presidential, legislative and local elections on August 26, 2023. In order to guarantee the safety of goods and people during this crucial period, the Minister of the Interior, Lambert Noël Matha, announced the closure of the borders land and sea from Friday August 25 at midnight until Saturday August 26 at midnight. This measure aims to limit cross-border movements and maintain a climate of security during the elections.

During a press conference, Lambert Noël Matha underlined that air transport would nevertheless remain operational, given that it is subject to the air standards and regulations in force. This decision bears witness to the efforts made by the government to ensure that the electoral operations run smoothly while limiting the risk of disruption.

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Along with this announcement, the minister called on the political actors involved in the elections to maintain a peaceful climate. He also condemned recent incidents of violence in some parts of the country, including Lastoursville, Makokou and Koulamoutou. These scuffles raised concerns about the potential impact on the smooth running of the elections.

As nearly 847,000 voters are called to participate in the presidential, legislative and local elections, Gabon is preparing for a crucial moment in its political history. In a context where the current president, Ali Bongo Ondimba, aspires to a third term against an opposition made up of 14 candidates, attention is now turning to how the country will manage these elections and the results that will ensue.