Francis Mvemba et Coco Emilia

Francis Mvemba: Coco Emilia responds to the controversy over their reconciliation

Cameroonian influencer Coco Emilia responded to the controversy over her reconciliation with her ex-husband and father of her daughter Sophie, Congolese businessman Francis Mvemba.

On the morning of this Monday, June 10, 2024, video sequences of a romantic evening trip by Coco Emilia and Francis Mvemba made the rounds on social networks.

It was not difficult for Internet users and the People media to guess that the two lovebirds are in a relationship again. This is evidenced by the languorous and honeyed kisses captured during their nocturnal trip.

While their reconciliation caused a lot of noise on the web, Coco Emilia responded to her detractors to shut them up.

“I don’t give a damn about your opinions. Let people be interested in their own lives instead of talking about mine. There are always ups and downs in a relationship. I love my husband, we are married for better and for worse. We united for this life and beyond, and many women failed to put the ring on his finger”she replied.

She also warned those who criticize her reconciliation with Francis Mvemba: “He is the father of my daughter and my future children. Mind what concerns you. I wouldn’t leave him for anything in the world. »

Words which not only confirm the rumors and prove right the Congolese businessman Francis Mvemba who, in 2022, during his appearance on the show Life Week-end had clearly notified his desire to consolidate his marriage with Coco Emilia when the latter requested a divorce.

Even if there is divorce proceedings in her country, she will divorce alone. And if she succeeds, I will go back and remarry her”, he confided. We can say that Francis Mvemba kept his word. The proof is that their highly publicized divorce was never finalized.

Reconciliation Francis Mvemba and Coco Emilia