"We don't like dirt", Fally Ipupa reacts to his absence at the Nuit de la francophonie

Fally Ipupa’s complaint against Gauthier Sey: the journalist’s lawyer displays his doubts

Fally Ipupa, the famous Congolese singer, has filed a defamation complaint against Congolese journalist Gauthier Sey, according to the local press. The court case is receiving a lot of attention in the Democratic Republic of Congo as court proceedings unfold. However, the journalist’s lawyer Gauthier Sey responded to the alleged complaint.

Fally Ipupa’s alleged complaint against Gauthier Sey stems from accusations made by Gauthier Sey during a television show, where he accused Fally Ipupa of lying and engaging in counterfeiting activities. The allegations made by the journalist sparked heated debate and divided public opinion.

Gauthier Sey awaiting the complaint

However, Gauthier Sey’s lawyer, Me Guy Mafuta, stepped up to raise concerns regarding the procedural legitimacy of the ongoing case against his client. He questioned the formal notification of the complaint, saying Gauthier Sey had not received any formal notice regarding the legal proceedings.

This raises doubts about the validity and correct execution of the legal process. “Like everyone, we learned through social networks that a complaint had been filed, but to date no exploit has been notified to us,” he clarified.

Gauthier Sey in search of proof

According to Me Mafuta, Gauthier Sey contacted Vivendi Sport to request clarification regarding a contractual issue. The lawyer mentioned that his client wrote a letter to Vivendi Sport and is currently waiting for a response, which will be sent by email to the National Union of Professional Journalists (SNJ). Me Mafuta stressed that Gauthier Sey is continuing his own investigation, gathering evidence to defend himself if a legal notice is given to him.

The Fally Ipupa-Gauthier Sey affair continues to capture public attention in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While Fally Ipupa strives to protect his reputation, Gauthier Sey’s lawyer questions the correct execution of legal procedures. As the case progresses, all eyes are on the developments to come, as both sides prepare to face off in court.