"We don't like dirt", Fally Ipupa reacts to his absence at the Nuit de la francophonie

Fally Ipupa in heaven: her daughter Malka Monickel launches into classical dance (photo)

Passion for dance seems to run in artist Fally Ipupa's family. His daughter, Malka Monickel Ipupa, recently revealed her commitment to ballet training, a classical dance performed by many enthusiasts.

Fally Ipupa, also known as “The Eagle,” shared the special moment on his Instagram Story, showing Malka lined up with other children, striving to perform the ballet steps. He even called Malka “MyArtist,” revealing his paternal pride.

Meanwhile, Fally Ipupa continues to delight audiences with tracks from his latest album Rumba, “Formule 7.” Additionally, he is planning a major tour, with headline dates such as the double concert at the Stade des Martyrs in Kinshasa .

Malka’s launch into ballet is further testament that the passion for dance runs deep in the Ipupa family, adding a new artistic dimension to their legacy.