Fally Ipupa angry: the singer files a complaint against a journalist

Fally Ipupa angry: the singer files a complaint against a journalist

Fally Ipupa, famous Congolese singer, recently decided to file a complaint against a Congolese journalist named Gauthier Sey. The reason for this legal action is the defamation the artist suffered from the journalist.

In a television program, Gauthier Sey made serious accusations against Fally Ipupa, calling him a liar and a forger. According to the journalist, the artist does not have any contract with the company Vivendi, is incapable of singing in the presence of other artists during rehearsals, and has fraudulently obtained a Gold record in France.

Fally Ipupa immediately reacted to these statements, considering them to be false and damaging to his reputation. Anxious to defend his honor, the artist decided to take legal measures by filing a complaint with the Kinshasa peace court on Friday September 1, 2023.

The legal proceedings are scheduled for next Tuesday, September 5 in Kinshasa. Fally Ipupa hopes that this legal action will help restore the truth and put an end to the unfounded accusations made against him.

The Congolese singer is recognized for his modesty and talent, and it is important for him to preserve his image and reputation. He therefore hopes that this episode will be an opportunity to remind people that no one can sully the name of artists with impunity, and that defaming a person is a reprehensible act.

Fally Ipupa is counting on the support of her fans and the entire artistic community to assert her rights and obtain justice in this case.