Fake diplomas case: after Togo and Benin, 3 other countries in Nigeria's sights

Fake diplomas case: after Togo and Benin, 3 other countries in Nigeria’s sights

After Togo and Benin, three other African countries are in Nigeria’s sights. Diplomas from these countries will also soon be suspended.

In recent days, the matter of suspension of diplomas obtained in Benin and Togo by Nigeria has been the talk of the internet. Indeed, this suspension follows an investigation carried out by an undercover Nigerian journalist.

But according to reports from the KOACI media, Mamman Tahir, the Minister of Education, during his visit to the Channels Television set on Wednesday January 3, 2024, indicated that this sanction will be extended to three other countries in the Africa namely: Uganda, Kenya and Niger. “ We are not going to stop at Benin and Togo… We are going to cast the net to countries like Uganda, Kenya and even Niger, where such institutions have been set up », declared Minister Mamman.

As a reminder, the Nigerian journalist who carried out the investigation declared that he had obtained a diploma in journalism from a Beninese university in less than two months, without leaving his country. He went on to add that the certificate was delivered to him like a pizza after payment. “This certificate will be issued to you just like you ordered a pizza or something and you give them your location and it will be delivered to you. This is what motivated me to carry out this investigation.”, he declared on television channels.