Ethiopia's BRICS membership: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali hails 'great moment'

Ethiopia’s BRICS membership: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali hails ‘great moment’

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali called Ethiopia’s joining the BRICS economic group a “great moment”. As BRICS leaders invite six new countries, including Ethiopia, to join them, the Prime Minister expresses his willingness to cooperate for an inclusive and prosperous world order.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali marked the day on Thursday by describing his country’s membership of the BRICS economic group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as a “great moment”. In a message shared on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Abiy Ahmed expressed his gratitude to the BRICS leaders for their support for Ethiopia’s membership in this select group.

“This joining is a great moment for Ethiopia, as the BRICS leaders are supporting us today to join this group,” declared the Prime Minister, thus underlining the importance of this new stage for his country.

Abiy Ahmed also stressed Ethiopia’s willingness to cooperate with all BRICS members, as well as other countries, to establish an inclusive and prosperous world order. This membership broadens the horizons of cooperation and economic development for Ethiopia and the other newly invited countries.

Earlier on Thursday, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that BRICS leaders had agreed to expand membership by inviting six new countries to join the group, namely Saudi Arabia, the Emirates Arab States, Egypt, Iran, Ethiopia and Argentina. This extension of membership will come into effect from 2024, thus opening up new prospects for economic cooperation and the consolidation of a new multipolar world order.

The 15th meeting of the BRICS group, held in Johannesburg, also highlighted discussions around plans to boost investment in Africa, while strengthening the group’s position in the quest for a global economic order. balanced and inclusive.