Kenya plans to withdraw all its troops from Somalia by the end of 2024

Eastern DRC: regional force begins withdrawal

The East African Community (EAC) force deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to ensure peace and security in this part of the country has, unfortunately, begun its withdrawal, although the situation remains as it is.

The regional forces deployed in the DRC in November 2022 to combat rebel groups emerging in the eastern part of the country will not be able to stay in the DRC until December 8. In fact, the Congolese authorities have decided not to extend their mandate. Consequently, regional forces began their withdrawal before the deadline.

According to our information, the Kenyan force already withdrew on Saturday and the forces of other member countries of the Eastern community are already preparing to withdraw from the DRC.

With the hostilities of rebel groups in particular the M23, Kinshasa does not intend to abandon the eastern part of its country under the influence of insecurity. It provides for the deployment of troops from the Southern African Community (SADC) after the withdrawal of the EAC.