DRC: An election without observers!

DRC: Whoever sows violence will reap justice and the shame of the Nation

Call from Congolese civil society against violence and tribal hatred.

We Congolese citizens, actors and organizations of Civil Society coming from the 26 provinces of our country and the Diaspora, are closely following the electoral process underway in our country and express our great concern at the increasing development of acts of violence, political intolerance, including against women, and speech inciting tribal hatred and contrary to our way of living together. We want to affirm here and now that whoever sows violence, hatred, tribalism today will reap justice, condemnation and the opprobrium of the entire Nation tomorrow.

It is unacceptable that the time of elections, instead of being an opportunity for public debates on the future of our country and confrontations on the different projects of political parties, becomes an opportunity to kill, violate or divide the Congolese people. . We, citizens, civil society actors and organizations unanimously condemn all these acts and commit to documenting all hate speech, all acts of violence and making these elements available to national and international justice when the time comes.

Indeed our country has suffered for almost thirty years from the effects of war and rebellions as well as general impunity of the actors responsible for this chaos. This has to stop. This is why we are launching a vibrant appeal to our population so that they do not give in to the exploitation of these political actors and others who have made violence, divisionism and populism their stock in trade. We remind political parties and their leaders that they are responsible for the education and supervision of their executives and activists. Consequently they will be held personally responsible for the behavior of their members. We therefore encourage them to strengthen and apply disciplinary measures systematically and without complacency in the event of deviation. We also remind them that our laws prohibit the formation and establishment of militias within political parties. As such, we demand the dismantling and exemplary sanctions against all militias and similar groups which contribute to insecurity., ransoming civilians and attacking political adversaries. Letting them operate risks giving rise to popular justice and encouraging the creation of self-defense groups, as there are abounding in the East.

We call on state authorities as well as security and defense forces to respect the laws of the country and to protect our fellow citizens from all violence, and therefore to take action at the slightest misstep, with complete impartiality.. The use of the army, the police and the security and intelligence agencies in the repression of citizens peacefully engaged in the defense of democracy constitutes a crime and in addition to the executing agents, administrative and political leaders, donors of order will also be held personally responsible and should be held accountable to the courts. Moreover We invite all institutions supporting democracy to demonstrate responsibility and accountability by fully playing the role assigned to them. Otherwise, calls for the dissolution of some of these institutions, deemed budget-intensive, are likely to multiply and rightly so.

Our country has suffered greatly from rebellions and armed groups. This is why we condemn any use of military means to conquer power.

We launch a general appeal to the entire political class, the intellectual elite as well as all actors of civil society, to publicly condemn all armed groups including the new Congo River Alliance and to commit not to collaborate with them. The fight of the Congolese people for freedom and democracy must remain a political and non-violent fight.

We ask the international community to condemn and sanction any external support for the M23 rebellion and to bring before international justice all those who participate in the destabilization of our country.

Congo must remain one and indivisible and its population deserves to live in peace. War and violence have done too much harm to our nation. The time for justice has arrived. We are committed to pursuing this ideal.

God bless the Democratic Republic of Congo.

List of Signatories:

List of citizens and civil society actors

  1. Father Jerry LOKOLE, Director CJP Lomela
  2. Augustin Mwemedi Beya, Filimbi
  3. Bakaly Henriette, Diaspora
  4. Bakaly Vanessa
  5. Welcome Matumo, Researcher in Geography, University Paris 8
  6. Bopomi Bolapa Mino, Filimbi
  7. Chris Bolanga, Filimbi
  8. Dieudonné Tshimpidimbwa, CRONGDH, Mbuji Mayi
  9. Dirk Shaka, Activist
  10. Donat Kambola, Lawyer Luluaba
  11. Dr Mboliasa Pitshouna, Doctor
  12. Dr Trésor Longina, CFLEG NGO
  13. Emmanuel musuyu, CORAP Kinshasa
  14. Erick Kassongo, Lawyer Kinshasa
  15. Freddy Kasongo, Upper Katanga Human Rights Defender
  16. Jacqueline Kitoga, APV ASBL
  17. Jeff Pambi, Principal Administrator, Alerte-RDC
  18. Jimmy Kande, Activist
  19. Jimmy Munguriek, Ituri Lawyer
  20. Léonie Kandolo, Expert in Gender and Natural Resources
  21. Jonathan Shuka, Congolese Observatory for Local Governance (OCGL)
  22. Marie Rose Tshite, Salama Women’s Institute (SAWI)
  23. Marie-Helene Moleka, Lawyer, Alliance of Women in Action for Development (AFAD)
  24. Wonder Gozo, Researcher and Activist.
  25. Nora Ipanga, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI DRC)
  26. Olivier Ndoole, Lawyer North Kivu
  27. Patrick Buende, Tshopo
  28. Raphaël Okenda, Sankuru
  29. Roger Mavungu, D5 Boma
  30. Samuel Yagase, GOVA kisangani
  31. Jean-claude Mputu, citizen

List of signatory organizations

  1. Action of Christians for the Abulition of Torture “ACAT”, Mbuji Mayi
  2. Integrated Action for the Development of Ngandajika “AIDN”
  3. Peasant Action Against Hunger in the acronym APCF
  4. Action for Promotion and Integrated Development “APRODI”
  5. Action for Community Development of Lusambo “ADCL”
  6. Action for Sustainable Development and Peasant Self-Promotion “ADEDAP”
  7. Action for Integrated and Agro-pastoral Development “ADIAP”
  8. Actions for the Integrated Development of Muene Ditu “ADDIM”
  9. Congolese Alert for the Environment and Human Rights. ” ACEDH”
  10. Friendly of the Alumni of the “AMAS” Seminar
  11. Christian Assistance in the Center of Africa “ACCA”
  12. Association of Volunteers for the Integrated Development of Kasai “AVODIK”
  13. Regional Association for Integrated Rural Development “ARDERI”
  14. Community Development Office “BDC / 31th CPC »
  15. Center for Support and Rehabilitation of Infrastructure for Development “CARID”
  16. Research Center for Environment, Democracy and Human Rights, “ CREDDHO »
  17. Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law “CDH”
  19. Coalition of Civil Society Organizations working in the sectors of Mines, Energy and Environment ‘COME’
  20. Collective of women lawyers for the promotion of human rights “COFAP-DH”
  21. Companions of Friends for Community Development “COADECO”
  22. Council for the Land of the Ancestors, CTA
  23. Regional Council of Non-Governmental Development Organizations (CRONGD)
  24. Cooperative of Beekeepers and Honey Sellers in Kivu, CAVMK
  25. Women and Family Department “DFF”
  26. Diakonia and Comprehensive Community Development “DIDECOM”
  27. Domain of Domestication and Integrated Agriculture for Development “DDAIDEV”
  28. Together for Climate Justice and the Protection of Environmental Defenders,EJPDE”
  29. Agreement for the Integrated Development of Ngandajika “EDIGA”
  30. Karl Van Lear Foundation “FKVL”
  31. Foundation for Community Development “FODEC”
  32. Forum of Committed to Sustainable Development, FORED
  33. Center for Integrated Agricultural and Rural Development “FODAGRI”
  34. Innovation for Development and Environmental Protection. IDPE »
  35. Midimu ya Ba Mamu “MIDIBAM”
  36. Congolese Human Rights Organization “OCDH”
  37. Lake Munkamba Rural Development Organization “ODERLAM”
  38. Agricultural Development and Support for Grassroots Initiatives Project “PRODAIB”
  39. East-Kasai Development Project “PRODEK”
  40. Free Integrated Development Project “PROLIDI”
  41. Congo Moringa Network “RCM”
  42. International Network of Human Rights Activists “RIADH
  43. Awakening of the Peasant “RDP”
  44. Solidarity of NGOs for Democracy, Education
  45. Solidarity for Reflection and Support for Community Development. SORADE”
  46. Solidarity for Rural Development “SDR”
  48. Initiative Union for Rural Development of Kamiji and Miabi “SIDERKAM”
  49. Inter-village union for the development of Kabinda “SIDKA”
  50. Youth Synergy for Development and Defense of Human Rights, SJDDH
  51. Synergy of Ecologists for Peace and Development, SEPD
  52. Synergy of Basket Makers and Friends of Nature,SVAN”
  53. Union of Families for the Search for Peace, UFAREP »
  54. Union of Women for Development
  55. Union for Family Development “UDF”
  56. Union for Fraternal Development “UDF”
  57. Living with Disability in Congo “HIVANDICO”
  58. Yali DRC