DRC: M23 confirms the arrest of Burundian soldiers in the East of the Country

DRC: the M23 takes control of a new city

The M23 rebel group has taken control of the town of Nyanzale in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The fighting between this rebel group and the Congolese army left at least ten people dead and thousands displaced.

The capture of Nyanzale by M23 rebels was reported after several days of violent clashes with local security forces. According to Jonas Pandasi, a local civil society leader, thousands of people have fled the city to Goma, the provincial capital more than 100 kilometers away, to escape the violence.

Initial reports indicate at least ten dead, houses burned and shops looted in the town now controlled by the M23. The humanitarian situation is described as catastrophic, with most residents of Nyanzale seeking refuge in surrounding communities.

The M23, active in half of the North Kivu province according to Richard Moncrieff of the Crisis Group, has intensified its activities in recent weeks, launching attacks from strategic positions overlooking remote towns. These events exacerbate an already serious humanitarian crisis, with millions of people displaced and deprived of access to humanitarian assistance.

The rebel group takes its name from a 2009 peace agreement, which it accuses the Congolese government of failing to respect. President Felix Tshisekedi has accused Rwanda of supporting the M23, an allegation Rwanda rejects. Despite denials, UN experts have established links between rebels and Rwandan forces, fueling tensions in the region.