DRC: singer Fabregas undresses his dancer Horline in the middle of rehearsal

DRC: singer Fabregas undresses his dancer Horline in the middle of rehearsal

In the DRC, singer Fabregas known as Le Métis Noir undressed one of his dancers during rehearsal last weekend.

A video that recently went viral on social networks sparked a wave of indignation against Congolese singer Fabregas Le Métis Noir. In this sequence, the singer urgently and insolently demands that one of his dancers, Horline, remove her panties to dance in her underwear during a rehearsal.

This incident, which would have taken place during the first weekend of May 2024, deeply shocked many Internet users. Despite the young woman's initial reluctance, pressure from the public and the artist finally pushed her to give in, thus creating a situation that sparked strong disapproval online.

This action, decried as “shocking” and contributing to the “devaluation of women” by certain observers, raises fundamental questions about the respect due to women artists and the possible misogynistic excesses persisting in part of the contemporary Congolese music industry.

The Black Métis justifies his act

By justifying his actions with the phrase “It depends on my fans”, Le Métis Noir seems to consider that everything is permitted to satisfy an unscrupulous public, going so far as to flout the dignity of his own dancers who work daily for success and success. the development of his orchestra.

This video can sadly be interpreted as a reflection of certain behaviors deeply rooted in society, where the woman's body is too often reduced to an object of consumption and pleasure.

Faced with this depravity of morals, many Congolese are calling on the competent authorities to regulate the behavior of musical artists, thus emphasizing the need to promote respect, dignity and equality within the Congolese music industry.