DRC: opponent Franck Diongo obtains political asylum in Belgium

DRC: opponent Franck Diongo obtains political asylum in Belgium

In Belgium, the Congolese Franck Dionga, a long-time opponent of the Félix Tshisekedi regime, had the status of political refugee.

The president of the Progressive Lumumbist Movement (MLP) ran in the 2023 presidential elections, but withdrew to support Moïse Katumbi. A long-time opponent, Franck Diongo was sentenced in December 2016 by the Supreme Court of Justice to five years in prison. Subsequently, he was pardoned in March 2019 by Félix Tshisekedi.

Initially a supporter of the new Congolese president, he distanced himself from him in January 2023 to launch the presidential campaign. In June 2023, Franck Diongo was arrested by military intelligence and released on July 15. He arrived in Belgium in December 2023 to request asylum, a request which was accepted.

Indeed, Maître Alexis Deswaef, his lawyer, explained the reasons for this exile on the microphone of Paulina Zidi, of the RFI Afrique editorial staff. In addition, Maître Deswaef announced that his client had filed a complaint in Belgium for torture against the head of Congolese military intelligence, General Christian Ndaywel.

According to the lawyer, this procedure is possible because General Ndaywel recently acquired Belgian nationality.