DRC: Bob Kabamba, professor at the University of Liège, accused of supporting the AFC of Nangaa

DRC: Bob Kabamba, professor at the University of Liège, accused of supporting the AFC of Nangaa

Clearly, if we are to believe the declarations and “confessions” of everyone, the Congo River Alliance (AFC) movement led by Corneille Nangaa, the former president of the Ceni, would attract good people.

On Saturday March 30, it was the secretary general of the UDPS, Augustin Kabuya, close among those close to President Tshisekedi who, in front of a thousand activists of the presidential party, accused former President Joseph Kabila of being a support of the M23.

According to Augustin Kabuya, Joseph Kabila would have fled the country without notifying the migration services. “ He no longer lives here. Remember this in your hearts, this situation that we are going through, it is always Kabila who is at the root of this situation “.

Accusations ” unfounded ” for relatives of the former President of the Republic, some of whom mentioned the possibility of filing a complaint for defamation.

Arrested for three months

Six days later, the name of Joseph Kabila reappears in the “confessions” of a certain Eric Nkuba, presented by the spokesperson for the army, General Sylvian Ekenge, as Corneille Nangaa's strategic and political advisor.

In these confessions, Eric Nkuba would also cite the names of the national deputy Claudel Lubaya, General John Numbi, Joseph Olenghankoy, Patient Sayiba (former CEO of Ogefrem) or the professor at the University of Liège Bob Kabamba.

The name of Eric Nkuba was circulated last mid-March in a letter sent by the Congo River Alliance to the President of the Republic of Tanzania Mrs. Samia Suluhu Hassan. In this missive, Corneille Nangaa regretted the arrest (the letter spoke of “kidnapping”) of Eric Nkuba Shebandu (52 years old) at Dar es Salam international airport by Tanzanian immigration agents on January 3, 2024.

Twenty-four hours later, the man boarded, without further ado, a jet chartered by the Congolese authorities towards Kinshasa.

It has therefore been more than three months since this man, presented as “a simple assistant of Nangaa”is in the hands of the Congolese authorities.

Incomprehension of Bob Kabamba

Among the names cited by Eric Nkuba appears that of the professor and political scientist from the University of Liège Bob Kabamba who does not hide his surprise even if “My name has been mentioned on social media for weeks. Each time in comments that stigmatize my origins, denying my Congolese origins. According to these messages, without any basis, my mother suddenly became Rwandan. Which, in the current context, means that we are rather on the other side.

“I am not a politician, continues the professor, I am a scientist. I have been working on the Congo for more than 30 years, I have published several works on this work. As part of this work, I obviously speak to everyone, to all political actors, to civil society actors. »

Bob Kabamba also recalls that he was involved in several high-level forums, notably the one which recently discussed electoral reforms in the DRC. But also in the resolution of the Nkunda – Mutebesi conflict or on the Goma agreement.

And the professor concludes by explaining: “I am neither directly nor remotely linked to the AFC. I am currently preparing a publication on the war in eastern DRC which will notably focus on the AFC. “.

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