DRC: 15 soldiers killed in an attack by Mobondo militiamen

DRC: at least 12 dead in suspected ADF attack

A suspected attack by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) has left at least 12 dead in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), according to the Congolese army.

A new attack reported in eastern DRC. The attack, carried out by ADF rebels, reportedly targeted a village in North Kivu province. The gunmen set fire to a hospital and kidnapped an unknown number of civilians.

Congolese army spokesman Captain Anthony Mulushayi confirmed that the armed forces responded, killing four attackers and rescuing four people.

However, local authorities and witnesses say the toll is higher, with at least 17 civilians killed and several others missing after being kidnapped. Survivors fled to nearby urban centers, seeking refuge in towns like Beni and Mangina.

This new attack highlights the persistence of conflicts in eastern DRC, a region torn by decades of war and violence. More than 120 armed groups are competing for control of mineral resources, displacing millions of people.