DRC: 15 soldiers killed in an attack by Mobondo militiamen

DRC and Rwanda commit to easing tensions in North Kivu

The visit of the director of American intelligence, Avril Haines, to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda resulted in a commitment between the two nations to reduce persistent tensions in North Kivu.

According to a White House press release published on November 21, the DRC and Rwanda have committed to taking “specific measures” to ease tensions at their common border. These measures are designed to respond to the respective security concerns of the two countries, it is specified.

After individual meetings with Presidents Kagame and Tshisekedi, a joint statement was issued, confirming their shared desire to address growing security concerns in the region. The White House, in the press release cited by “Jeune Afrique”, expresses its support for these commitments made by the two nations and announces its intention to closely monitor the implementation of these measures aimed at defusing tensions.

This diplomatic approach by the United States is part of a series of recent initiatives. Antony Blinken, American Secretary of State, had already spoken in early November with the leaders of the DRC and Rwanda, urging them to ease tensions following the escalation of clashes between rebels opposed to the Kinshasa government and the Congolese armed forces. , supported by pro-government armed groups.

The North Kivu region, plagued by intensified fighting since the beginning of October between the M23 rebellion and the FARDC, supported by armed factions affiliated with the government, has been the scene of growing tensions. These clashes, particularly around Goma, the provincial capital, have raised concerns about the stability of the region.