Charlotte Dipanda @ Vevo

“Don’t worry”, Charlotte Dipanda gives the reasons for her weight loss

At the heart of the controversy for several days due to her drastic weight loss, singer Charlotte Dipanda responded to her fans during an interview with CRTV, a Cameroonian channel.

More fear than harm for Charlotte Dipanda. The Cameroonian artist reassured her fans that she is doing well and that they have nothing to worry about because of her much-noticed weight loss.

“My new figure isn't that important. We do not care. This is a non-event. I'm not sick, don't worry. In reality, I had a few extra kilos… And it's difficult to lose 1 kilo for people who are trying to lose weight, “ explained the singer.

According to Charlotte Dipanda, she rather expects congratulations for having succeeded in having this new silhouette. “You should instead congratulate me because it’s hard to refrain.” »

In this interview, the artist revealed the secret to his weight loss. “I'm a big eater… so it's reducing what's on the plate that made me lose weight like that… That's my secret. So everything is fine I’m not sick… Don’t worry….Am healthy.”