Kenya: Parliament building burned by protesters (Video)

Demonstrations in Kenya: Parliament authorizes the deployment of the army

In response to violent protests against the new taxes, Kenya’s parliament has approved the deployment of the army to boost security.

As violence escalated during protests against new taxes, Kenya’s National Assembly voted Wednesday to deploy the military to restore order and strengthen security in the country. The move comes amid heightened tensions following the passage of a controversial finance bill by parliament that includes tax hikes.

The demonstrators, angry at these new tax measures, promised to continue their movement and take to the streets again on Thursday. Clashes between police and protesters have intensified, particularly in the Juja and Githurai neighborhoods of Nairobi, where widespread shootings have been reported.

Police attempted to disperse rioters who stormed Parliament after the bill was passed. Scenes of violence erupted, with protesters seriously injured by bullets and at least 20 people killed during the clashes. President William Ruto described the protests as“anarchy” and promised to take tough measures to restore order. In a statement on Wednesday, he called for a national consultation and announced the withdrawal of the 2024-25 budget project, which included tax increases. According to the government, these new taxes are necessary to reduce public debt and finance the state.