Dadju on his beginnings: "I started music by accident..."

Dadju on his beginnings: “I started music by accident…”

In a documentary devoted to his journey in music and his private life, the famous singer Dadju spoke without filters about the beginnings of his career.

Dadju, one of the most iconic figures in R&B and French music, has captivated the world of urban music with his unique voice and hit hits such as “Reine,” “Jaloux,” and “Bob Marley.” » The singer is today one of the most listened to artists on the French music scene, and his influence transcends borders. To satisfy the curiosity of his fans and offer a deeper insight into his life, a documentary titled “ It’s going to go well, Dadju » was revealed on Canal+.

This documentary, broadcast on Wednesday September 13, 2023, allowed Dadju’s admirers to learn more about the artist’s private life and beginnings in the world of music. In one of the first episodes, Gims’ brother was transparent by discussing his musical journey, revealing that his beginnings were anything but planned.

I started music by accident by accompanying Gims (my older brother) to the studio. By going to the studio with him, you always had to have a verse ready. », said Prince Dadj. A statement which reveals an unexpected facet of the genesis of his musical career.

Dadju’s story perfectly illustrates how a simple opportunity can transform the course of a life. From curious spectator to renowned artist, he was able to seize this chance which propelled him to the top of the French music scene. With “It’s Gonna Be Okay,” Dadju’s fans will have the opportunity to delve behind the scenes of his life and better understand the key moments that shaped his exceptional career.